Perhaps you have heard about other Saratoga or Santa Clara, CA dentists that discuss their dedication to patient care. While many dentists today are taking extra steps for their patients’ comfort and safety, here at our dental office patient care is paramount. We provide patient-centered care that’s respectful of and responsive to your individual preferences, needs and values. We provide patient-centered care that’s respectful of and responsive to your individual preferences, needs and values.

Special Dental Care from Dentists Who Put Your Needs First

Whether you’ve been keeping up on your dental visits, haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or have special requirements, your individual needs are very important to us. As soon as you meet Dr. Goldberg or Dr. Owens you’ll know you’re in for special care. And, what will really impress you is their warm conversation, easy smiles, and simple way of explaining everything that’s important to you. They’re concerned for all the details of your visit – all the way down to making sure you don’t wait too long to see them.

You’ll receive dentistry that looks natural and wears longer.

Once in a while you’re going to have problems common to all adults: plaque below the gum line, cavities, chips, loose teeth, or other. When that happens, it’s good to know your dentist has over two decades of experience in the most advanced, natural looking and longest lasting dental procedures.

We offer a different type of personalized service. We strive to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible, so you can look forward to the best smile you’ve ever had.

You deserve the latest advancements–not the fads–in dental care.

You deserve exquisite attention to detail as a Whole Patient. That’s why our services include more than typical dentistry. Your complete satisfaction depends on our ability to give you a uniquely high quality experience – from the moment you call. Your experience will be thorough, efficient, kind and friendly – even fun!

You are screened at no extra cost for:

  • Oral cancer. If there is anything suspicious, we can use the Oral cdx brush biopsy (we get the results in 3 days).
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) joint (TMJ) syndrome –a disorder involving the two joints (one on each side) that attach the lower jaw to the skull.
  • Cosmetic issues that can cause discomfort, dental disease or a success-limiting appearance.
  • Your allergies to any drugs we may use because safety is paramount.

Your visit will be professional, caring and thorough. We’ll provide:

  • A gentle, thorough cleaning to remove tartar buildup
  • Ceiling TVs you can watch during treatments and/or music of your choice
  • Warmers and sterilization systems for the water we use to provide more comfort and safety
  • Advice on how to strengthen your enamel, and what type of toothbrush to use
  • Dietary consultation to assure the maximum health of your mouth and teeth including how to avoid stains
  • Special considerations (including antibiotic prescriptions for patients with hip and other joint replacements